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For about 3 yrs. I had a planter wart right in the crease on my right fokts big toe. Every night it would itch and bother me to the point I couldnt sleep! So then I showed my mom she told to wash it really good and it will go away in about 3 days. So, I did what she said. 3 days later I looked atit and it was still there. So, my godfather (Jeff) bought me some Wart Glue Remover from Walmart, but it never worked! So then my mother once again bought me some,Compound W Super wart remover but it was a once again failed experiment. So i made my own i i used * naile file * tweezers * cotton ball * wart glue* hydrogen peroxide (3%) * band-aids * warm water * soap (non-scented) Okay after i got the supplies listed above i followed these following steps for 2 weeks: Step1- Clean the affected area with warm water and soap Step 2- pick some of the skin around the wart with twezzers Step 3- Use a 1 cotton bal with hydrogen peroxide on it and hold it on the wart/warts for 30 seconds Step 4- Using a different cotton ball put wart glue remover on the cotton ball Step 5- Hold onto the affected area Step 6- Wrap a band-aid around the cotton ball, making sure no air can get in or out *DO THIS PROCEDURE TWICE A DAY FOR TWO WEEKS STRAIGHT!* After i did this for two weeks i took the band-aid off and i saw that the wart was falling off so i peeled it off slowly and there it was GONE! and about 2 days after my skin was fully grown back!:) Thanks for ready sorry for it being too longb<3 <3 :) :)

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