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ok now i am 17 my ear drum busted and my tubes fell out so i am prone to infection so i always get these. go get a heat wrap of some sort heat it up to where it is almost hot. grab a towel to wrap around it and rest your infected ear on it. the heat moves and breaks up the infection. now you can hear the infection breaking up and pus or goo should come out on to the towel. just lay there for about an hour or two and it will get better. if you need to go reheat the heat wrap. i do this all the time and i can garentee you it will work for infections

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Laryn? is that you?


Thank you. Its one in morn and i was about to drive to the emergency room the pain was so bad.


Thanks, tried everything else but this one actually worked.... horrible pain finally gone... Thanks Alot!!!!


Trying it now, seems to be relieving some pain


Trying it now. Having horrible pain in my left ear.

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