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Hello. I'm poor and have very bad teeth. I wanted to share some thoughts and ideas with everyone about toothache.

1 - Alcohol
It works. For a while. Others have suggested this. Buy something strong, 40% ABV or more, the more the better. Swish with it to wash out your mouth, but then try to pool it around the hurt. For example, if your painful tooth is on the left side of your mouth, put enough alcohol in your mouth to cover your teeth if you are lying on your left side. Warning. this will HURT. If you are able to stick it out however, you should be able to kill the pain. This will last for some time. I've had this method eliminate the pain for months.

2 - Toothpaste
Sounds silly but it works. Ever hear of that old student trick in dorm rooms of putting toothpaste in to cover small holes in the wall? The idea is you want to stick a gob of toothpaste in your mouth to cover up your cavity. Then the trick is to keep your mouth open (feel free to use your tongue to move your spit around as this will make your mouth dry) until the toothpaste starts to dry. This can take some time and it might be easier to put a ring in your mouth so you don't have to hold it open. I find using Sensodyne plus this method can sometimes 'cure' the pain for years.

3 - Salt
Not Salt Water. Salt. The idea here is that you've exhausted all other options and all that's left is to kill the nerve. To do this you need to do a combo of what you've done above for Toothpaste and Alcohol. First, you need to like down on the proper side, or tilt your head at minimum. This time the proper side is away from the salt. Don't let your spit dilute the salt. You also want to rub the salt in and apply generously all over and around the tooth and try to keep your mouth open. If you feel a bit of pain, you are doing this correctly. After the pain starts to subside, rinse your mouth out with warm water. After about 5 minutes the pain, hopefully, will be 100% gone.

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