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alisha marie

Well to start I had a very infected tooth which T the time I thought was due to needing a root canal but when I went and got this American red cross server tooth ache stuff that came with swizers very mini cotton balls and some super strong numbing liquid witch then pushed my infection out from under my tooth into my jaw over nite it went from the size of two golf balls in my lower left side of my jaw vicadin loracets on moltrin nothing helped ( vicadin slitly ) but peroxide works and the cotton ball with warm water baking soda and salt HELPS

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if you can get the pus to drain, the swelling and pain will go away. It will find the path of least resistance to drain. Sometimes through a tooth, a gum, the bottom of your chin If you rub the swelling and never put heat on it, until it is draining, (will make it much worse). Encourage draining. Thats all these 'remedies' are doing is they put something on it, which probably makes it drain and it feels better, its not curing anything.

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