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Wart - every night, for about 8 weeks i put a cotton ball dampened with lemon juice (from a bottle)on the wart, held on by a band-aid. It is not painful, which is why I tried this on my children. It doesnt seem to do much at first, but after a while, it looks like it is getting grainy, and then it starts to fall apart.

We tried vitamin E, which had worked for me in the past, but it didnt do anything for my kid's warts. We tried the home freeze off kit, but that just made it bleed. Then i had the idea of trying lemon juice, because it is acidic, and i know from past experience that citric acid is a good exfoliant, and ascorbic acid helps with healing, both of which are in lemon juice. I liked to put some Vitamin E on it during the day, but i dont know if this helped or not, and i was sporadic about it. I often forgot to put the lemon juice on at night, so it may work faster for those that are more diligent, or for those that keep it on all day, instead of ripping it off in the morning like my kids did.

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