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Jim V.

According to the EPA, borax causes neurotoxicity, citing reports of poisoning in human infants who ingested a mixture of borax and honey. Researchers do not conduct actual toxicity studies on humans. Data from animal studies show borax toxicity effects on blood and the reproductive systems of dogs, rats, and mice.

A wet dog will lick himself and ingest the Borax, which accumulates over time to become a lethal dose. One tablespoon, accumulated over time is lethal to a full grown human.

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Totally agree this method of treatment is horrible. I put some of the borax mixture on my arm for a while. It felt hot. Why do that to your dog? It must make them uncomfortable. Listerine method works better. It is gentle enough when diluted. Hair grows back rapidly. It is not toxic for your dog. Nu stock is inhumane.


My dog had the mange, I tried the listerine, baby oil, and water. Didn't work. He was still miserable, looked even worse with the oil in his hair and my house stunk. I used MEDICATED DANDRUFF SHAMPOO and IT WORKED!!! Lathered well, scrubbed roughly and let sit for 5 minutes. We all slept better that night. So for 1 week, every other day I gave him a bath in the same manner with the MEDICATED DANDRUFF SHAMPOO. problem solved. So now he gets a bath once a week with the MEDICATED DANDRUFF SHAMPOO ( no name brand ) never want to go through that again.


Borax won't harm your dog, Boric Acid will. I use peroxide and Borax mixed with warm water. Sure the dog will lick some of it off but it has never harmed my Jack Russell in any way.


I bought some borax and peroxide to do the mixture treatment on my dog for mites, is it safe or not??? I truly need a correct answer before it gets too bad, please help!

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