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Jim V.

According to the EPA, borax causes neurotoxicity, citing reports of poisoning in human infants who ingested a mixture of borax and honey. Researchers do not conduct actual toxicity studies on humans. Data from animal studies show borax toxicity effects on blood and the reproductive systems of dogs, rats, and mice.

A wet dog will lick himself and ingest the Borax, which accumulates over time to become a lethal dose. One tablespoon, accumulated over time is lethal to a full grown human.

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what can be used in place of that?


Mitoban dips are so toxic that you can't even buy them over the counter but vets still use them to kill mites. I'm sure borax is far less toxic than that.


I feel so horrible right now. I came on here because my long hair doxie has the mange and I bathed him in about 3 cups of a mixture containing 2T Borax and hydrogen peroxide. I've given him 3 baths in it and noticed him licking his fur (it has to air dry). I stopped him when I saw it, but of course, he ingested some. I came here to see what to do about the licking .. as I felt it couldn't be good for him .. since he developed diarrhea. Ugh. Thanks for letting me know this is a horrible cure. I won't be using it anymore.


I agree, Mitoban is FAR more toxic. I have also utilized a head cone during the drying process. My dog gets mites so often that if I were to continue doing the Mitoban dips, I would have to either let him suffer, or give him away to someone who could afford the treatments. Neither of which are an option. I have really found the miracle cure in using borax.


I think you are referring to boric acid.... Not to be confused with borax....


Read has many,many uses... Including it is used in some comercial vitamin supliments....good day!


We are using the borax/hydrogen peroxide combo and after one use have seen a dramatic difference! However, to prevent him from ingesting this we had to put a cone on him! It has worked great - he doesn't care for it too much but he can't get sick and the borax is working!


a)don't use Listerine either
b)to help with drying skin, try coconut oil, which is naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, and a great, easily absorbed moisturizer. I use it on my chihuahua, even around his eyes to help with his allergies. It works great to diffuse oregano essential oil into (which is VERY strong alone)


Borax won't harm your dog. Peroxide, water, and Borax works and it has never harmed my Jack Russell and she licks it everytime.Boric Acid, on the other hand, can kill your dog.


the studies that claim Borax is toxic gave rats between 400mg and 3000mg per kg bodyweight intravenous, the result was sterility. If you give them taht much normal table salt you kill them, so how much do you want to pour into the water to wash your dog with? 4 tablespoons of Borax in 500ml water actually does not even disolve properly, so I do not see how you could possibly overdose your dog. And the Boron that is in Borax could actually help a dog with joint and liver problems a lot.

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