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I first noticed a small wart on the under-inside of my left big toe about 2.5 years ago. It was small and I was a dancer, so I was accustomed to imperfections on my feet and never really thought too much of it. However, about a year later it began to grow until it was about the size of a penny and no longer easy to hide. Then, after going for a run one day I got a blood-blister further down on the inside arch of my foot which as it 'healed' actually became a wart larger than a quarter. Even worse, a few smaller warts were beginning to crop up around these two larger ones.

I was so embarrassed. I tried over the counter acid gel treatment that didn't seem to do anything. I then moved on to consulting a doctor. We tried freezing, but that didn't work either. So the doctor tried applying some extra strength prescription gel, but that didn't help either. I was spending big bucks going to the doctor every other week to receive very ineffectual and painful treatment that would leave me unable to walk for a day or two from the pain.

So I decided to try a new approach:
-Warm soapy water
-Vitamin-C pills
-Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
-Compound-W (Or target, etc) gel
-A small bowl

I started by soaking my foot in warm soapy water and then in the Apple Cider Vinegar and dried my foot. I crushed the Vitamin-C pills into as fine of a powder as I could. I then mixed the crushed pills with a little bit of the gel and a little ACV to make a sort of 'paste.' I generously covered my two largest warts with this paste and covered them with air tight (waterproof) band-aids, wrapped then in pre-wrap, and left them for two days letting no oxygen get in.

After a full 48 hours, I removed the bandages and saw that the warts had become soft & black. As I picked at the bigger one, the whole thing just lifted off, leaving a large whole underneath. At this point, I became scared (What was I expecting to be there when I took out the wart?), frustrated, and embarrassed and consequently burst into tears. So I (loosely) covered up the hole and the remaining wart with band-aids and tried to take a break from worrying about it for a few days. About 2 days later, I removed the band-aid again and this time found that new, pink skin was beginning to grow around the hole. By about a week later, the hole was almost completely healed. There is still a bit of a light pink scar there, but I am fine with living with that as opposed to the alternative. As for the smaller (but still the size of a penny) wart on my toe, it dried up and as it did, I was able to easily pick the scab/wart off. That healed quickly as well and now looks good as new. This treatment was just barely painful and nothing compared to the other treatments I had tried.

The best part is that after that, the smaller warts around this area started to clear up on their own! This was all about 6 months ago and I have had no troubles with my feet since. I have even used this remedy on a wart that later developed on my finger (That one took 2 rounds of this treatment)and would quickly recommend it to ANYONE! Unfortunately, I healed my warts just as it was time to put away the flip-flops for the summer, but I am now anxiously awaiting this next summer free of the shame and attempts to hide my feet (Strategically placed sandal straps and cute tennis shoes were always on my conscious). I hope that this was able to help and good luck to everyone!

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Why did u choose to use vitamin C? Just wondering what role that played in the removal of your warts... After reading your story I've decided to try it on a stubborn finger wart I have, but I forgot the vitamin C... Do you think it will make a big difference? I'll try to get that and add it to the gel mix asap.. Wish me luck, hoping to have a great success story like yours, thanks!


Hi I'm trying this remedy currently and just peeked at it after having the bandage on for 2 days. When I looked at it I was shocked to find that the skin around the warts were ORANGE! Is this normal? Should I keep doing this remedy or should I take off the tape and do a different one? I reapplied the ACV and compound W and vitamin C but I'm not sure if I should continue. Please comment back or wrote something I need to know if this happened to you or anyone else, or if its a good thing. Thanks.

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