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My child recently developed cold sores around her mouth. I traced it to a family friend with OH. In my research for a cure, I found that Hydrogen Peroxide proved to be of some benefit. Simply add 3 percent HP to warm bath water. 2 cups per about half a bathtub full. Water should be as warm as possibly comfortable. This will help oxygenate the blood through the skin, since HP is basically water with an extra oxygen atom. Viruses are destroyed by Oxygen in all cases, not some chemical or Lysine(which can cause organ problems). I'm experimenting on myself with 35 percent Hydrogen Peroxide added to Distilled Water, which you drink. Used in low doses, this will theoretically hyper-oxygenate the blood, which then kills the virus that causes Herpes. All natural plant remedies are is basically elements with a high oxygen atom content. In my experiment with bath water, my child has went from having out breaks every week to having OB once in three months. This alone gives me hope. My own experiment has shown no adverse signs in 4 months. The drink actually gives me an energy boost, gets rid of my 2:30pm run down, and keeps me alert during my long drives. Get your source of 35 percent HP from a reputable source, such as Guardian of Eden, and follow the instructions closely. This can be dangerous stuff if not properly mixed to a safe level. Never take it straight. Also, there are plenty of books on this subject if you do a Google search. It has only been 3 month now, my child is healthy, her sores are minimal and healed quickly. Three months passed before she had an outbreak, and the OB was minimal compared to her previous ones. So, I hope this helps someone out there. Keep hope alive, ask God for guidance, and protect your children from all harm.

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hello, I would like to know more about the Hydrogen Peroxide are you saying in an 10oz glass of water you would use 3.5oz. we need to stop feeling sad and sorry for our selfs. life goes on. I think we can beat this thing. we are on the right track. dont look for the medcial field to help they want to sell pills. Check out MMS, I am not going to use it yet. but I think there is hope. come on you people sound so sad. It could be a lot worse. I have been fighting for a long time.

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