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To get rid of a tooth ache almost instantly, mix two table spoons of baking soda in a glass of water.leave in your mouth for a couple seconds then spit out.Do this until all the mixture is gone.

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i guess it kind of worked. im gonna do it again with warm water and see how that works out. ill try almost anything at 4:19 in the morning.


AWESOME.....worked great Thanks


OW!!Im so sorry but, this tip didnt work for me.


OMG, it's amazing, I am sure I can have a good sleep tonight. Thanks.

lin byard

thank you thank you thank you thank you
my husband had really bad tooth ache,
and sat on inter net till 1.00am to see if there was any thing i had in the kitchen because strong pain killers would no work and i came across your baking soda but being English i think we would use bicarbonate of soda so we did by
1.20 am he was sleeping like a baby wonderful you thank you yet again shana
god bless you


Thank you it work for me...

C. Reynolds - Mississippi

OMG, What a life saver as well as MONEY saver, I tried this an seconds later my toothe ache as well as the headache I had is gone! Thank You so much for this remedy! This will definately gone down in the family remedy book 2 Thumbs Up!
Your awesome!


after 1 IBU800, 2 motrin, and a 5mg oxycodone.......still no releif, and now with an upset stomach to boot. then i read this post...........dear god.
AMAZING. it is still a bit of a short term effect for me, but, i make a solution and carry it with me in a bottle so i can rinse whenever nessicary. worth a try for anyone with the mighty tooth pain.


didn't take the pain away, but it sure dulled it down enough that i could get on with my life.



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