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To get rid of a tooth ache almost instantly, mix two table spoons of baking soda in a glass of water.leave in your mouth for a couple seconds then spit out.Do this until all the mixture is gone.

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My husband broke his tooth and the nerve was exposed. He was in terrible pain. As I laid down I thought maybe if I type Home remedies for tooth pain there may be something there.
Thank God for this baking soda, immediatelly he felt well. Slept all night and the pain was gone.
God bless you for helping us.
Thank you


Worked really good, within a few minutes the pain is down to a dull roar


This method didn't help for me.


Did not work for me


Nothing, it does not work, infact now it hearts more due to the cold water.


ok...this is too wild! i could not sleep because of the severe pain, so i decided to look on the web for home remedies. within seconds, the pain was gone! thank you!!! i am amazed!! i may be addicted to baking soda now!! haha


WOW....Thanks a lot.I was up til 2 AM coz of tooth ache until i read ur remedy..i wasnt confident about it but after trying really worked.i was able to sleep within the next 15 min n when i got up in the morning there was no pain at all.God Bless You.I seriously recommend that anyone having tooth ache n who read this must try this.This is wonderful.


Did not work for me exept some relief for few minutes


I'm 65 years old and over the years I've had several toothaches and tried some of remedies that are posted on this site with little or no results. I went to the dentist last week with another ache and he gave me a prescription for pain and I was not impressed with the results. I read your suggestion of rinsing with baking soda and it really worked!!!!
Thank you

Terrie from Michigan

I just tried the baking soda remedy. Wow what a difference! May God Bless you! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!

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