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To get rid of a tooth ache almost instantly, mix two table spoons of baking soda in a glass of water.leave in your mouth for a couple seconds then spit out.Do this until all the mixture is gone.

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OMG....I thought this was some bs....I had no baking soda in the house so I sent someone to get some and the vanilla extract...I was amazed...It stopped instantly...Thanks so much for this post


This is a miracle. I was having unbearable tooth pain, and this worked literally as soon as i spit out the bakingsoda and water. Thank you so much!


thanks a million....what a relief, I am almost in tears


This worked very well for me too. I tried it after enduring 4 days of pain that responded poorly to ibuprofen and tylenol, and my mouth now felt nearly normal almost immediately. Two days later, I still feel great. Still, I made an appointment with a dentist to have it checked out.


All I have to say is hell yeah!!!


LoL , this seems work very good . I have 3 very bad tooths , and one of them have open nervs. 4 days i suffer hudge pain i finaly i see this soda remedy .I used half spoon of it bekoz i can't find more but pain now is way more acceptable.hope will sutvive 2 days till i see my dentist . TNX


My boyfriend has been in agony for several hours, can't get to dentist til tomorrow. Gave him hydrocodone, max strength orajel, dissolved three aspirin tablets directly on the tooth...and he was still in agony. Tried the vanilla extract, but he couldn't tell if it was working, so I checked the next remedy, which was this one, and after a baking soda rinse and a Klonipin (anti-anxiety med), he's now sleeping. Thank you so much and thank God for the internet and people who want to share tips with everyone!! I'll definitely remember this one!


My step dad is here with part of his nerve exposed. I am not sure how to rate his pain but I know it is hurting pretty bad for him to wake me up and ask me for some advice.
He tried this (USE WARM WATER THO) and said it did help a lot. Infact enough for him to go back to bed! Thank God! And thank you!


Ok i did it its been about 3 mintutes now and nothing has happened


Starting with the least gross suggestion I tried the peanut butter. That didnt seem to help at all, so on to baking soda. It really did help. I am in disbelief. A filling fell out, so I was hesitant to put anything on it. But baking soda worked! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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