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To get rid of a tooth ache almost instantly, mix two table spoons of baking soda in a glass of water.leave in your mouth for a couple seconds then spit out.Do this until all the mixture is gone.

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that is amazing i tried everything from the cloves to vanilla extract and nothing worked not even vicoden es this is the best thanks


This worked great for me! Thank you so much now i can sleep again!

Ana in Romania

Bless your heart for this remedy. I had a terrible night. I just came back home from a 2 week trip and had nothing in my frige, no lemons, no garlic, no clove oil or anything like that.
But i always have baking soda handy. Again bless you...


Thank you, this worked very well. I'm guessing the reason it works (and the reason a few people said it didn't work for them) is that this affects an exposed nerve by killing off that part of the nerve that comes in contact with the bicarb. So if your problem is an enclosed abcess, no help, but if it is open nerve pain, this is by far the best thing I've tried. I have a few days before my dental appointment and this made my life livable again. Thank you.


i hade a chipped tooth and this helped a lot thank you very much the other ones suck

andy makin

orrrrrrrrr that realy helped to ezzzzz the pain . tablets dont seam to be working just making me droozzzy. thanks for your help andy.


Worked wonders gonna buy some more wen shop opens. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Carol R

I had severe tooth and gum pain that was causing my face, throat, and right ear to hurt as well. I was about to Internet search for a 24 hr pharmacy when it occured to me that I might find a remedy to get me through the night. I came across a suggestion to use baking soda/water until it was all gone. To my amazement the pain subsided almost instantly. I took Ibuprophen for the trace remaining pain.


holy hell i was in some serious pain and i got on here to find somthing that would help with the pain and this really works bye the time i finished the cup my tooth pain was gone thank you, yer a life saver


This did not work for me. Must be something more than a toothache, cause I tried this several times, with no relief.

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