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My friends, please just go the E.R. I tried the home remedies. The salt and baking soda one worked. The peroxide worked. The tea bags worked and also the honey and oil ones. It depends on the type of abscess you have in your mouth. My abscess got so bad that the home remedies were ineffective. The pain would stop for about an hour ,then flare back up again. I do not have insurance. I finally went to the E.R last night. They gave me a lot of information about low cast dentists in the are. Some are 5-10 dollars. They gave me a shot of antibiotics in the ass and some pain medication. I also have some prescriptions. Ibuprofen, hydrocodon and an antibotic, amoxycillian. I took them this morning and despite the swelling on the whole left side of my face, I feel a lot better. I do not have any more pain. After I finish my meds, I will definitely see a dentist and have the tooth extracted. I had a filling put in and it did not last 6 months. This tooth is coming out next week. It is not worth the pain.

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