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My daughter cracked a tooth eating popcorn, we couldnt get her in to the dentist on an emergency because we are self pay and broooke til payday like everyone else here, so we spent an entire night trying just about every natural remedy to help her sleep. nothing worked! we tried an onion, garlic, ice pack, hot cloth, peroxide rinse, hot showers, vics vapor rub on her cheek..some things helped to settle her down a bit but nothing took away the at 8am, we took a trip to urgent care and got a rx for antibiotics..giant eagle fills antibiotic scripts FREE (not sure if this is nationwide or not but it cant hurt to check) we picked up some ibuprofen as the dr suggested and gave her 1 tablet with her first dose of the antibiotic, and later gave her another tablet with a good brushing/rinsing and put her in the shower..we got SLEEP! This morning we gave her the antibiotic and an ibuprofen tablet..she has been pain free all morning and even ate something besides soup. We did make a dentist appointment for monday, but friday/saturday were complete hell..

So my suggestion to everyone without insurance and suffering..get to an urgent care or er asap..all of these home remedies are great for a quick fix but not for long term...and at least get some antibiotics. in a few days you will feel better.

BTW we did apply for that care credit thing someone here mentioned, and got turned down..I guess the working poor (not on welfare, just making ends meet to pay bills) are to much of a credit risk for dental care *grr*

There are some companies out there that offer discount medical/dental and rx plans as well that run about $20 a month for an individual $40 for a family..

Feel better everyone!

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