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toothache sucks

ok, i'm got a bad toothache which is 3rd tooth from the top left wisdom tooth which comes few days ago. it stopped for 1 month before it came back furiously with vengence.

i have since popped 10 paracetamol for 2 days. worked for the first day but the effect doesnt come for the second day.

i've read some remedy from fellow toothachers and they said whiskey is one of the choice to ease the pain.. some found it worked but some doesnt. well, i tried white wine just now and instead of getting better, it just throbbed like nobody's business! I believe it's because alcohol dilates your vessels, that's why it will make your pain even worse! since your vessels will touch your nerve and making you remember the pain.

i am still currently throbbing with sharp needle prick pain, and i'm tearing(Doubt i'll be able to sleep today :'( ). I do not have any Ibuprofen or tramadol or strong medication currently at home.. so i'm kinda like dead and stuck with the pain until my dental appointment in 1 month's time. fml! :(

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