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hi everyone... I have had tooth aches, well since I can remember. I have a very unique calcium deficiency, and one, rather aweful side effect is my teeth are HORRIBLE. Many are broken, some exposing nerves, and some with only the roots left. I have done many things, some I am not proud of, to alleviate the pain. So finally the soulotion you have all been waiting for... and I'm sure you will have your doubts, but in all honesty meditation. Please don't just read this and laugh. There are ways to block the pain, and although it takes years to master true meditation, you can concentrate on other things. Ignore the pain, yes its extremely difficult, some may think impossible. Just give it a shot. Go with the oldest way to ignor pain, and simply block it out. As a side note... if you work or have school, really get into it. Exercise also helps, since it floods the body with endorphins.

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