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My dentist told me I would feel great in three days after my molar extraction and that I would only need ibuprofen for pain. After 48 hours I was in so much pain I called him for a prescription for a painkiller and was given Hydrocodone, which I took as prescribed and which did not even begin to touch the pain. I found this website and bought clove oil and tea tree oil and put one drop each on a piece of gauze and topped it with a whole capsule of vitamin E oil. This was soothing and I had the feeling it was promoting healing of the wound. I took 3 GRAMS of powdered vitamin C every four hours to promote healing. I was taking 4 Excedrin (aspirin + caffeine) for pain every 4-6 hours, which allowed me to rest. I changed the clove oil-tea tree oil-vitamin E compresses frequently--using 6 or 7 in one afternoon. After 72 hours, I added swishing with warm salt water to keep the wound clean and kept up the vitamin C routine. I felt a little less pain, and that was encouraging. I stopped the salt water rinses and changed to rinsing with peroxide diluted 1:4 with warm water. I switched from caffeinated aspirin to ibuprofen, 4 tablets every 6 hours. It's been two weeks and my wound is completely healed, no pain. I saw my dentist yesterday and he said the site looks very good. I still gave him a swift kick for making me think it was no big deal and I'd be all well in three days! What a joke!

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Thankyou so much for comments on this page. Last week I had 4 premolars removed - 2 wednesday and 2 friday. Ive been suffering with pain ever since and am dosing with paracetamol and ibuprofen and am scaling the walls when I am getting due a dose. I have been googling and found DRY SOCKET and am convinced thats my problem. The pain but also the horrible taste (and more than likely horrible smell) and the fact that i generally feel lousy, is all pointing to it. Ive been feeling really soft because people are sort of implying that I should be over it by now. Today finding the clove oil remedy I dashed out n got some and keep applying it to the sockets and my mouth feels normal!!! Ive had the teeth out in preparation for some ortho work so really hoping this starts to heal soon.

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