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who ever said warm peroxide was the was to cure an ear infection is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!! i followed the instructions and when i applied the 'warm' peroxide to my wrist to check temp i ended up with 2 and 3 degree burns on my arm. ER doctor said heating up peroxide changes its composition and it will burn you BADLY even when barely warm. I AM SO GLAD I DID NNOT PUT IT IN MY FREAKEN EAR!!!

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Figured this out the hard way a few days ago. The peroxide that felt slightly above room temperature on my wrist burned the inside of my ear. Thankfully it feels okay today, so I don't think I've done any permanent damage. But it will be a cold day in h*** before I try some 'home remedy' I read on the internet. From now on, if I have a problem, I'll go to my GP or find an ENT.


Its def not suppose to be warmed up. Just straight out of the bottle. Worked for me


If you can read it says do not warm!!!!!!!!!! Learn to read!!!!!!!!


It did say do not warm the peroxide in any way.


I have read for a bunch of websites and alot of people say garlic helps alot


nobody ever said heat peroxide they said do not heat the peroxide


Well that's your own fault for lacking common sense. I heat a teaspoon or two in a shot glass for about three seconds just so it doesn't hurt when applying. I've been doing it for years, as has the rest of my family, with no 2nd degree burns.


U were the idiot that gave the advise?! Lol leave it to da dummies n his/her family to do that dumb crap! U must be a kid to listen to that fool! I just put room temperature peroxide in my ear, then olive oil and a heat potato then place it against my ear to relieve pressure. It worked!

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