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I have had athletes foot for two years on my left foot. I tried a couple prescription creams, Tinactin, and Domboro soak. Some kept it somewhat under control until a breakout. I have tried soakiing in vinegar but that would burn. I have been using Miconazole to keep it under control. My husband read online that someone tried Scrubbing Bubbles. I spray it on the affected area over a bucket of warm water. When it falls off i soak it for a few minutes. It is a miracle. It worked the first time. It may not be natural but it beats taking medcines to damage my liver. I figure it is only topical and cant harm me otherwise.

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Becareful with that. any chemical like that is damaging to your liver and kidneys. The chemicals absorb through the skin, enter your blood stream and are filtered through the kidneys and liver. Read the labels as some may cause cancer..


So u just use scrubbing bubbles once or do u have to use it for a period of time???


I just to 'Amen' the comment below. applying chemicals Topically is as good as eating them. they are absorbed by the skin the body's largest organ.

Just think about the assorted medicinal PATCHES people wear for pain, to quit smoking, or for heart trouble etc. They are as effective as oral medications. I've taken to using rubber gloves now when cleaning I used to think it was just to keep my hands pretty, but now I know better. Imagine the number of people who have difficult to diagnose mysterious aches, pains and symtoms that are related to their use of household chemicals.



Please try the cider vinegar again. If it burns, try diluting with water it still works. It also has the added benefit of softening your feet.


IODINE!!!!...rub on feet before putting on shoes & after shower/ gotta be consistent...takes about 1 week & stops itching & burning on even works for nail fungus...put it on nail & nailbed before putting on shoes & after shower/bath...IODINE!!!...CHEAP & EASILY AVAILIBLE...

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