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I get fever blisters about once a year when I get a really high fever. Mine aren't small. They are huge and take up a majority of my right upper lip. They last as long as a month!! I hate it. This year I finally tried something other than just Abreva (although this is a GREAT purchase for relief). Here's the trick I used this year and it lasted only about a week:
Pop the blister as soon as it forms.
Everyday dab a Q-Tip in rubbing alcohol and rub it on the blister (this burns like crazy, but dries it out super quick). Do this about 3 times an hour.
At night put Abreva on the blister using a Q-Tip and over the Abreva put Neosporin (using a separate Q-Tip) on the blister to shorten healing time and scarring.
This works so well for me! I hope it works as well for you!

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Hi it also helps if u use pepper spray it burns like crazy but that works


do you do it 3 times an hour or 3 times a day>


OK to fight this from the inside out you need to pop it with a sterilized needle. Use a soft piece of toilet paper to collect all the puss you can then wipe your but with the toilet paper. This gets puss into your rectum so your butt hole can make antibodies to spread through out your body. Now pierce your nipple with the needle you used to pop the fever blister. Make sure you do not rub your eyes during this process because you will grow hair on your palms and possibly go blind. Now smoke some pot and jerk off. Drink some peroxide and snort some salt. If you get sick and break out with more sores then sue all the people that told you to pop that nasty sore.


I've had a fever for about 4 days already and my temp was really high and I felt a burning sensation on my lip and now a few fever blisters has popped out on my lip on wednesday. I still have a fever but I've started the toothpaste and salt treatment. I hope it goes away soon.

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