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My son had a plantar wart we treated with the salicylic bandaids for 6 months. It just wouldn't go away. My sister told me to try FRANKINCENSE.

Her daughter's hands had been covered with warts, 14 or more. She had taken her to the doctor who had frozen them off multiple times, resulting in incresed growth and spreading of warts, in addition to being very painful. She tried Apple Cider Vinegar, but on day 3 the pain began, and day 5 the pain was unbearable. A friend told her to try FRANKINCENSE - 1 drop Frankicense + 1 drop olive oil - rub over affected area 2 times a day. After 3 weeks they were completely gone. Gone with NO PAIN whatsoever.

I decided to try this on my son. Since it was on the bottom of his foot I applied 1 drop FRANKINCENSE (no mixer oil necessary for tough bottom of foot skin) directly on plantar wart 2 times a day. After 1 week it started to turn black. By 2 weeks it was gone, but I continued 1 more week to make sure it was completely gone. I have since used this treatment on my 2 other children, and another friend of mine now swears by it as well. Best of all it is completely PAIN FREE.

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What is that stuff? Where can I get it?


You can get pure frankincense oil from a company called Young Living in Salt Lake 800-371-3515 and you need a reference number to purchase it... you can use 297603 if you like.

Scam alert

What a scam! That 'reference number' is your COMMISSION number so you get paid for sending yokels there to buy that useless, overpriced stuff. No wonder you have the 1 800 number handy.
Some people have no moral character whatsoever - sad indeed.

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