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I must say this site has helped sooo much in my hour of need. I have an abcessed Tooth which appeared on a Friday afternoon. I started with what I already knew (rinseing mouth with salt water) and taking Ibruprofen.By Friday evening pain was unbearable, how was I going to cope until Monday when I can see dentist!! After lookin at this site, I tried a peppermint teabag, only helped when it was in my mouth, pain came back when I took it out!! Tried glove of garlic , OMG!! burnt my face off!! Still in pain!! Rinsed mouth with dark rum, helped a little enough to get to sleep. Woke up Saturday Mornin an OMG!!looked like I was holding a tennis ball in one side of my mouth. So covered my difformed face with scarf and went to find CLOVE OIL...GENIUS.. It actually works!! Sitting here typing pain free 4 now. Hoping this will carry me thru until Monday Mornin. Thankyou to all of u with your different suggestions, one of them had to work! :) An thanks 2 Holland & Barratt in North London, England. Bottle of Clove oil £2.99 2 b pain free!!

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