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There are many reasons why your genital areas can become dark. A dark bikini area is especially caused by chafing and sweating. Women, who are overweight and have heavy thighs, may experience extensive chafing on the thighs. If they sweat profusely, the darkening can become even worse.

Women, who wear polyester clothes which do not absorb sweat well, are prone to experiencing dark bikini area. To prevent the formation of a dark bikini area, women should wear loose fitting clothes made of natural fabrics. Using chemicals like deodorants, that do not suit your skin, can also cause darkening of your bikini area. Another cause of a dark bikini area is the use of razor and hair removal creams in the bikini region.

To avoid the darkening of your bikini area, wear only cotton underwear and avoid using any kind of hair removal creams in the area. Sweat should either be absorbed from the bikini area, or cleaned regularly. Every time you go to the toilet, wash your genital area with warm water, so as to discourage the accumulation of uric acid which can lead to the darkening of the bikini area.

For your daily bath, especially for cleaning your intimate areas, use an herbal soap or a non acidic soap. This helps maintain the pH of your genital area so that it remains clean and healthy. If you are planning to use any skin remedies in the bikini area, make sure that you use a gentle product. Rubbing lemon on the dark areas of the skin can help lighten it up. The compounds present in the lemon juice act as natural skin bleaching agent. However, since the bikini area is very sensitive, it is best to mix the lemon juice with a little cucumber juice or turmeric so that it will not burn. Let the mixture remain on the darkened area for at least 20 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

You could also use a mixture of curd and lemon to lighten the dark bikini area. Another effective remedy for dark bikini area is to use a paste of sandalwood and water. Simply smear the mixture on the dark bikini area and let it dry. The paste has a cooling effect on the area and it will soothe the genitals.

You can also use a paste made of orange peel and yogurt to soothe the bikini area. A mixture of almond oil, milk powder, lemon juice and honey is also an excellent remedy to treat a dark bikini area.

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