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hi..i got a yeast infection too actually for a month now this is the longest...coz before in 7years up to now i got yeast infection 6times as i remembered but the previous is like 1 day or a week then it was gone.. my doctor gave me antibiotics and some flagyl suppositories before but i think my body is immune now to this this time its the longest then i do some research and found this site..i tried hydrogen peroxide, garlic,apple cider then i decided to try this epsom salt that i've read here..after douching with warm water w/ apple cider vinegar 2tbs. and 2 tbs of epsom salt, i put epsom salt directly..what i did is coated my fingers with epsom salt then put it inside my vagina it really hurts,then went to bed with no undies...when i woke up i notice a less discharge and everything..the following days i still put epsom salt but it doesnt hurt now ...its still itching but not like before.salt really kill yeast.thank u for this advice. but everytime i did this natural remedy i pray to God to heal me coz above all this remedy He is the one who can heal us all...Godbless ladies and Goodluck!

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If a doctor gives you antibiotics for a yeast infection (Candida), that doctor should be stripped of his license.


she did gave me..and in the last time i had she gave me antibiotics for 7 days and its expensive i have to take it twice a day and oh man nothings happen.i was so disappointed and cried every night until i found this site.


Antibiotics is the cause of the infection, so it can't heal!!!


True, antibiotics can cause the overgrowth of yeast...they are designed to kill bacteria. Candida Albicans (Yeast -ie beaties!) are would have (or should have) been prescribed an anti-fungal : 0) not the antibiotic. Hope u feel better!


Flagyl is an antibiotic...yeast is a fungus. You probably have bacterial vaginosis which I completely different.

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