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I have occasional anxiety attaks, usualy it will happen while I'm sleeping and I will wake up already in the middle of one. The things I have found that help me are as follows....
1- Take a walk and get some fresh air outside.
2- Re-assure yourself that It's just a bad feeling, it can't hurt you.
3- Do something you don't normaly do, It could be anything, like listen to music you've never heard before or watch a new movie (or an old one for that matter) anything that you have not experienced. Repeating the same things seems to not help me but new things do. Break away from the mundane, reppitition is not helpfull.
4- Relax in any way that helps. Hot showers and baths work a little. A hot cup of tea, play with your cat, etc. Find what makes you calm.
To conclude I want to say that I have been going through an attack right now and just taking the time to wright this has helped me because I am no longer focusing on whatever it is that makes me feel this way, I hope I have helped others out there.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! YOU DESCRIBED EXACTLY HOW I FEEL!!! Especially the part of doing something different... Unless you are IN an anxiety state, you would think that sounds corny, but its EXACTLY how I feel!!! Whew..... Yes, writing this HELPS ME TOO... Now I just need to sleep somehow, because OVEREXHAUSTION is making it worse and I work a graveyard shift... THANKS AGAIN!!!!!


Thank you very much. I've been struggling with the same thing. Waking up miss attack. Its scary and draining but its nice to know some helpful tips, and to know that this isn't just me thats having this issue


That is very helpful. Mine has come on just in the last year, and it really has been a struggle. I've tried the breathing techniques, and medication. Your sounds more logical. I'm glad I stumbled upon this. Thank you!


WOW!! same exact things--I do the go outside and get some air--usually in the middle of the night while in an attack and trying to talk myself down--its not real--it will pass--ect. I never thought about the doing something new and out of the ordinary--that is an awesome idea. And it makes sense--diversion is a key to helping the attack pass faster. Glad to know it is not just me!! Thanks:)


Thank You so much this has helped me tremendously.I have been dealing with these attacks since December and my doc just keep prescribing me different medication,which I refuse to take because they have so many side effects that will lead you to another medication. Some of the medication caused heart racing,loss of hair and suicidal,NOW WHY WOULD I TAKE THAT!!!! Panic and axiety attacks alone have your heart racing.I have been diagnosed with a Goiter something that has to do with my Thyroid which also could be triggering my attacks, but have noticed that listening to music and talking to GOD has helped me sleep and deal with the attacks. Thank You!!


i have been suffering from panic attacks for over 8 years now. Panic Attacks come in all forms and shapes. However, I believe that i get the worst one ever where you feel you are absolutely dying every second passing buy. It is the worst feeling in the world than any person has to endure. In the last year and a half i have experienced a new type of panic attack the one you excatly prescribing - which is having a panic attack while sleeping and waking up with one (great news, a most needed addition). At times i was scared to even go back to sleep and never quiet knew what that was (forms and shapes). For now Zanax is the miracle drug for me. I don't use it unless needed which is rare now. But i have to have this drug on me all the time becuase it makes me feel safe. If i don't have the Zanax on me, i get scared enouhg which triggers a panic attack. I am now looking into taking vitamins. Good luck to all of us, and hope we all find calmness and and end to the horrible feelings we experience from this.


Hi; found this website and post, and from my limited physiology knowledge from some classes I'm taking, I wanted to comment on you guys 'doing something different'- I think this is really smart, and that there is anatomical science behind it. I'm not an expert, just a student, but the way I understand it is this: We get stuck in the same thought patterns and behavior, LITERALLY, because in our brain, they are like ruts in the road... they are already formed networks and a path of least resistance... so change your brain chemistry, you have to start by, just like you guys were saying, changing it up. That actually changes your brain chemistry, forming new connections between neurons and getting you out of the rut. Even just in general...if you are right handing, brushing your teeth with your left sometimes... can help with thoughts and behavior (like ADD, and I'm SURE anxiety and panic). Just thought I'd offer what seems to make sense about what you were saying about change, and encourage you to change things like that up, if it seems to work for you.

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