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I've recently discovered I have had/developed HPV. I had a thick-ish discharge, then itching (consistent with yeast issues)- then the warts appeared. 3 of them. I was concerned about herpes(negative)so went to the doc. I declined freezing as my man had just gotten it done and he regaled me with tales of pain. when i was worried i had herpes, i read that 85% of herpes sufferers respond to licorice root extract. its not very expensive and it was magic for me. for the next 3 nights following I boiled chickweed (LOVES skin) and made a tea, added 1/3 apple cider vinegar and rinsed myself thoroughly with it in the shower, dried off and applied licorice root extract. it worked for my hpv warts, is relatively inexpensive and is natural. you can find chickweed and licorice root extract in most health/holistic stores, and you should give serious consideration to trying this method out. 3 days and they were ALL gone. good luck to you, and stay healthy!

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did you use the chickenweed to rinse too?

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