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For those with chronic boils, please consider seeing a dermatologist and asking about the condition called hidradenitis suppurativa. Constant painful boils, in the same place and unusual places once puberty begins. It is not a condition that everyone knows about including doctors, take control of your health. I was diagnosed 3 years ago, found a doctor who specialized and have been almost boil free since.

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i have the same problem with boils. i have one on my armpit and it is so painful. tired of going to a doctor and they cant help. what did they finally give you for your boils?


I have mentioned this condition to the Dr.s that I have seen about mine and they tell me there is no medication for this condition, but that yes it is a condition. I need something. I have had as many as 4 boils at the same time and mine grow to the size of half a baseball.

Mimsy S.

I have had chronic boils and carbuncles over my body and under my arms for over ten years now. Some have grown as big as a fist and the ones under my arms have been so big the size of half an orange that I have had to use a sling to keep my arm in the upwards position. Added to that I have had fevers and the pain has been so intesnse that it is unbearable.
I visited my doctor at one time I had 15 on my body and he did not even look at one he put it down to stress & depression!! I changed Doctors and have been refererred to a Dermatologist and although he has not said I have HS he is still treating me with the same antibiotics as HS sufferers.

Although it hasn't cured my boils/carbuncles I have found some home rememdies quite effective such as magnesium sulphate. I had a fever one day due to the carbuncle undr my arm and applied the magnesium paste directly onto the carbuncle and covered it with large padded plasters and gauze. Within a few hours my fever had broken and green pus oozed out of me and continued oozing for a few days after. Get a good Doctor and ask him/her to refer you to a Dermotogist.


hidradenitis suppurative is very real and very painful. It requires extreme dedication just to keep it under control. My experience is that as soon a one antibiotic starts working it only takes a few days before my body becomes immune to it. I agree if you have boils that seem to never go away ask your doctor about it.

Linda in San Antonio

No prescription truly cures my H.I.D.E. Thru trial and error, I have traced my causes to MANY foods: soy, sugar, chocolate, colas (including sugar-free), honey, and even Multi-vitamins! This knowledge has helped me avoid most outbreaks, but when they do come, I use a compress of straight-vinegar (plain white) for about 20 minutes, then rubbing alcohol for 20 minutes, always on fresh, clean (cheapy) wash cloths. Usually have drainage and relief the next day. If not, repeat compresses.

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