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I've had plantar warts for 15 years. (I know, this is taking my doctor phobia a little too far.)I did have them surgically removed once, but they came right back. I controlled them with over the counter medications, but couldn't get rid of them. They're finally gone. Do not let them crust or callous over. That's their protection and they thrive. After filing or shaving off the crust, rinse with hydrogen peroxide. I then cut a small piece of cotton from a ball, dipped it in tea tree oil and vitamin E oil. I taped it to the warts with duct tape. At night, I did the same, but soaked the cotton in apple cider vinegar. After about 10 days, I took off the bandage and found a layer of dead, loose, skin. After removing that, I discovered the warts were completely gone! That is a true blessing after all this time! There was some pain (if the vinegar burns too much, replace it with the tea tree and vitamin E oil, until the vinegar can be tolerated), but it's worth being able to walk normally.

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