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Stephanie Salazar

Take herbal fenugreek supplements daily
That is what saved my supply!
It increases your milk by 500 percent
Within 48 hours

You can find it in a health store.

Between 9-12$

Try it, it works!

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I have been wanting to try fenugreek but haven't yet I'm unsure about the dosage ? how many how often and what mg ?


I tried fenugreek tablets but it reduced my milk supply :-(


Buy the fenugreek seeds from any health food store or Asian/Middle Eastern grocer. Make a tea by boiling about 2TB of fenugreek seeds in a kettle. Boil until the seeds become puffy and soft. Strain, and make a tea from the water. I have 7 children that I breastfeed and it always increased my milk supple. Sometimes to the point that I would become engorged.

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