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Stephanie G Salazar

If you are a new mother, be sure to nurse your newborn for 12-24 months. No less, because you are at a higher risk of breast cancer.
Eat healthy organic / natural foods.
Take organic herbal supplements, get sunlight daily.
Avoid sunblock!
Drink green tea with honey and lemon. ( decaf tea)
Do not drink carbonated drinks ( soda...)
Avoid stress.

Be positive
& happy :)

One more thing
Take herbal fenugreek it causes breast enlargement
Never wear to tight of a bra, it cause breast cancer.

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You need to learn some manners. And when you drink alot of water it htdyares your pores as well as bringing out all of the toxins by flushing out the kidneys and bowels. Which leads to a healthier complexion.

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