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Stephanie G Salazar

Your baby will experience cradle cap.
A natural and non toxic way to remove your baby's cradle top is apply coconut oil to scalp. Work in well, and gently ( it is important to remember that your baby still has a soft head) next, take a fine toothed comb and remove gently. It will take a few sessions to complete.

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My little one had a severe case and olive oil wasn't helping. I massaged coconut oil through her hair/scalp for 15/20 minutes then gently brushed her scalp using a baby brush. It almost all came off the first time! Plus, she smells really good!


Just used coconut oil after picking off the dry skin off my sons head. I massaged it around to help soothe the skin then some of the smaller flakes wiped right off. I did it why he was sleeping!

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