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Stephanie G Salazar

That is not a healthy way to diet. You can eat 3 meals a day. Make breakfast the largest. Dinner the smallest. Stay active through out your day. Drink filtered water with lemon juice. Deep breathe for ten minutes daily, with no distractions. Inhale threw your nostrils feeling the oxygen cause your belly to rise, hold for 2-3 seconds ( avoid causing your chest to rise) then exhale out your mouth. Go to sleep at a reasonable time, between 830 -10 arise between5-7am. Eat organic fruits, vegetables, dairy, nuts, etc. Avoid hydrogenated oils, corn syrups, anything with chemicals, ( read ingredients).
Think positive, think your way thin. Meaning imagine yourself thin, how you will feel and appear. Avoid saying I'm fat, say I am thin every morning when you arise, really believe and feel it as if you are at that very moment.
Laughing is a great way to become thinner, workout while watching a comedy on tv.
Avoid fast food restaurants and fatty foods.
Eat honey
Swap cooking oils and use- organic Coconut oil
Drink organic apple cider vinegar diluted with water.
Take herbal supplements daily
Get sunlight at least 30 minutes daily overweight people are vitamin D deficient. So get sunlight!

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plz tell height is 5' weight is 70kg.i am not that much fat but my stomach is big.i m goigng gym but no effect.plz tell me diet.


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