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Hello All,
I am suffering from Migraine for last 22 Years. It started when i was 15 and now i am 37. My DAD is a Doctor so i never had issues with Medicines. I have Migraine Twice a week which lasts for at least a Day. I live in London. A Couple of months ago i was walking around High Street in my Are and Saw a Chinese Acupuncture board. I went in there paid £40 and had my Back and neck pierced with 40 Needles. I thought it was waste of Money she asked me to come again in a month. After a week of my Therapy i didnt have Migraine for 2 Months until last week it started again. Same BAD. I am going to see that Chinese Shop again. I think it worked well.

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Aisha Binte Akram

Hope you are fine. I have severe headaces and i don't know if it is migraine but i think it is. My father and mother don't take me to hospital because they are busy in there works. I am sad i have no one here. I read your father is doctor. Can he check me online to see if i have migraine.My right side of the body from head to ear, from ear to throat and till my feet pains. I don't know whats happening. Please help. Thanks. Waiting for your concern.


Hi, I read you live in London and tried aqupuncture for migraines, I am suffering really badly at the moment and would be open to trying aqupuncture, where was the place you went to? I would rather try somewhere on recommendation. I live in south London,


Vikki Benwell

Hi i have suffered with migraines for about 10 years, the last 2yrs ihave found if i have shoulder neck and head massage appx every other month i don`t get them, at first i was having a massage whenever the migraines came then get a massage and it would start easing and go. My migraines when i get them come with nausia too. I had a horse riding accident 2 months ago and was out of work for a while so i couldnt afford the massage, hence i know have a bad migraine, i went for a massage this morning, it is easing slowly. Hope this helps.

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