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Brandy Nikole

I have a wisdom tooth coming in that hurts like a mother b*tch. So last night i went out Walgreens and bought some ibuprofen , Colgate sensitive enamel protect toothpaste and some biotene mouth wash. I took the ibuprofen , brushed my teeth thouroghly , then took a cap full of biotene and swished it around for about 30-45 seconds. Lastly i took a 5mg hydrocodone to help wit the pain and make me sleep. Hope this works out. I hate toothaches , especially a wisdom tooth.

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dumb ace

hydrocodone would do it by itself we are lookin for home remedy not hospital grade remedy.... people are dumd


Even if people weren't looking for home remedies, not everyone has hydrocodone just lying around. In fact a lot of people are looking for home remedies BECAUSE they don't have access to dental insurance, nor the money to go to the dentist.

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