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Just started using Antiac from Salcura for my acne.

I am 23 and have had really bad acne for 9 years. Been using the Antiac for 2 weeks now. It's all natural and makes my skin feel really hydrated.

In the first couple of days had bit of a breakout so called for a refund but was told that this is normal and to persevere. Was very skeptical but thought i'd give it another week as had lots left and rest of 30day guarantee left.

Now skin looking great, best it has for years. so much smoother, not pustules adn redness nearly all gone. few black heads left to go but that's nothing compared to what im used to dealing with.

Really recomend it. know not everything works for everyone but thsi is definitely worth a shot. hope it helps you too.

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Sophia, I had Acme in my early 20s and a MD treated me for E coli (found on every surface), my natural body defenses had dropped and allowed it to infect me.

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