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drinking metamucil 3 times a day will help you lose 7 lbs a week

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Are you kidding me!? That is a horrible way to lose weight. It may be fast but it's extremly unhealthy. Try eating a varity of good for you foods. Think nutrient dense...i.e fruits and veggies. Pleanty of whole grains (whole wheat bread, brown rice) cut back 500 cal a day, and exercise for at least 30 min. You can lose a lb a week, the right way.


That A very unhealthy way to lose weight it is basically anorxia in a diffrent form


Basically, 'Shit your weight away!'

Not a good idea. Its like reverse bulemia.

Maybe...Shitorexia, or Shitemia?


I think what they meant was the same approach as what the South Beach Diet have some fiber before meals and it will make you feel fuller, so you will eat less.

There is nothing unhealthy about that approach, although if you are only eating Metamucil...then you got problems.


I'd have to say bullshit aswell! The weightloss plan is not bad in consept form, although, what happends when you are 20% water and dying or ulsurs and can't move from the toilet? Huh?


i understood what you where saying and have tried it i have lost 5 lbs this week. im still eating normally and intaking plenty of water it really works well thank you very much for the suggestion


you've got to be joking. Get your fiber from fruits and veggies not that stuff

200lb losing 50lb

I have ate bran, fruits and veggies, and I still sit on the toilet for 20 mins and leave the bathroom still constipated. So as long as you eat and drink water while taking metamucil and dont forget to excercise, you will stay healthy. Rigth now I weigh 200lb so I will try this and let you know how much I lost. Check back with you in 1 month.


ok... this is probably the dumbest thing i ever heard anyone say. you should be banned from this sight. people like you, who obviously do not know what they are talking about, should NOT be allowed to give advice to others! seriously... do not do this people!! seems cool at first, but trust me, it is not healthy! this will deplete your body of nutrients. basically you will crap everything out and be left with nothing. so yeah, you will lose weight, but you will not feel good after a while and then you will be too scared not to drink your 'magic juice' and then where will you be? PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS!


I used tjhat stuff for my IBS but eventually your body gets used to it and it stops working.

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