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Woke up with the sinus infection symptoms...sore throat...swollen glands...ear ache...head ache. Went to dentist and its a wisdom tooth. At the age of 41...this bites. Antibotics were perscribed...along with vicidan. After two doses of antibiotics as well as pain meds. The throbbing began. Shooting pain was making me see stars. Felt really sick to my stomach. Tried ice....couldn't take the cold after 30 minutes. Tried warm water and salt rinse. Helped for a couple of minutes. After reading this site. I did not have most of the ingredients hanging around my house....but however I do have night works. I took three cotton balls and soaked them and shoved them suckers on top of the tooth and both sides of the tooth and gums. Burned alittle...for like 5 minutes. Kept it on there for atleast 20 minutes. Throbbing gone. I also took three cotton balls and drenched them in warm water...and dabbed the cotton balls in straight salt. Put them directly on tooth and left there for about 30 minutes. After taking them out I could see the yellow pus on the cotton balls. I think this helped some as well.....good luck cuz this sucks. Why does my dentist have to be on vacation???? Hope florida is nice.

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dana b

dude, my husband just tried the cotton ball and salt thing and it DOES WORK. he can't stop saying, 'that's unbeleivable!'. it pulled out the infection, you could see it on the cottonball and the pain is completely gone. he loves you, whoever you are...ha ha..he is eating pizza right now. lol

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