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So I am currently facing my 3rd OB in 2 years, so I guess I should consider myself lucky. I was diagnosed with HSV-1 in February of 2010 accidentally. I had Strep throat, and was taking antibiotics. The antibiotics gave me a yeast infection, and seemed to trigger my first OB. It was the worst pain by far I have dealt with in my life. I cried everytime I had to use the restroom, and the urine stung my sores immensely. I realized I contracted it after receiving oral sex from someone who had a cold sore. After my first OB, I didn't do any research, or look at any preventative techniques because I thought by ignoring it, and living my life like normal I didn't really have it. I was OB free up until a few months ago. I just moved to a new city, stressed beyond belief, not eating healthy, and not sleeping enough. So eventually I had my 2nd OB, and found this amazing site. I tried a few remedies, like the tylenol paste and the lysine. It seemed to help quite a bit. One thing that I did that helped me urinate without the pain was to get an water bottle, and, yep you guessed it, pee in the bottle so that the urine wouldn't contact my skin. It made everything soooooo much easier, although kinda gross. Lol. So currently I am in quite the predicament. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for a few months, and he leaves next week for the Army. Concurrently, I am stressing about financial, school, and work issues as well, which has been stopping me from sleeping. Needless to say I am experiencing an OB, that thankfully isn't as bad as as my last 2. The second I felt that tingle, I started taking Lysine and Vitamin C pills, 3 times a day. I stayed away from sweets, fast food and alcohol. I also tried mixing Tylenol PM, aloe vera, and a little bit of rubbing alcohol into a paste, applied it with a q-tip, and dried it with a blow dryer. Immediately I felt relief, and took a Tylenol PM dose to help with my sleep. Thank God for this site, and for people like you making me feel like I am not alone. Hope this helps! =)

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Finally someone else understand s the pain I am experiencing...this is my first outbreak...and it is the most painful thing I have ever experienced and my Dr told me there was nothing she could give me for the pain...I compare it to the pain of a cancor sore inside your mouth...can't wait to try some of these remedy ideas

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