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I've had small patches of eczema off and on my entire life, but a little over 2 years ago I got a terrible case all over my hands that wouldn't go away. The steroid cream from my doc helped with the itching and oozing, but it left my skin thinned and caused splitting- very painful. This is the combo that seems to FINALLY be working for me.

1. I went dairy & gluten free, and dramatically reduced my consumption of meat.
2. I wear gloves when cleaning and doing dishes.
3. I switched to soap-free products for personal care.
4. 'Sweet Blessed Bee Magic All Over Skin Cream' is AWESOME- very soothing.
5. I started JUICING! Especially cucumber, parsley, spinach, & watercress (Those 4 veggies were recommended to me for eczema).

Each of those 5 things listed above were helpful alone, but since I started juicing just over a week ago I've been doing all 5 together, and my hands are actually SOFT again!! My skin is so much improved that I felt I should share. Good luck!

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I have eczema on my neck & face.
it might even start scarring soon but I'll try it!
thanks so much.


I have it on my hands and I went gluten free in fact no carbs (recently)Started juicing and now it seems worse any other sugestions?


CINDY!! Your body needs carbohydrates for every major process in the body.
Juicing along with a vegan diet can be the most effective treatment.


What does that mean? You need carbs?! All of the things recommended contain carbs, anyway. They are not fast-acting carbs - the ones that cause your blood sugar to spike. The diet now increasingly being followed by many people, with excellent results in their health - the Paleo Diet, makes that distinction. The author, Rob Wolff, recommends avoiding all grains. I agree!


Will you please tell me what soap-free products you use and where you find them. I know that I am allergic to chemicals in most soaps, but don't know of an alternative. Please let me know what you use and where I can get it!

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