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These web sites have alot of helpful information. Especially when ur desperate in pain like u never imagined possible. I was barely able to focus when reading these remedies. Tooth pain is no joke. IT completely takes over I was feeling so hopeless while the throbbiong and pain grew extensively. I tried a couple of these remedies. Motrin and other pain killers didnt work on the second day, that was worst thing i didnt except. I was trying remedy after remedy but the pain wasnt even fading away. Then i came across pure Peppermint extract 89% alcohol. U will never believe how this was a complete miracle. Its immediate relief, but on my first experience using this the pain faded away little by little. Now i tab some on my tooth and on my gums surrounding this tooth. Anybody who trys this will know what i mean. Its strongly flavored and will be a little overwhelming in the mouth but it disapears cery freshly.

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