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I first got stretch marks when I was in 5th grade(I'm 23 now). I grew like a foot and a half in less than a year..I'm 5'8. I got stretch marks on my knees, lower back, shoulders, upper arms and on the side of the buttocks. I started using pure unrefined shea butter (shea essentials) about 4 months ago and started adding virgin cold pressed coconut oil (from trader joes) to the routine about 2 months ago.
The most improvement I saw were on the shoulder/arm stretch marks..I can barely see them anymore..unlesss I TRY TO LOOK FOR THEM. yay!!
Sadly I think the stretch marks on my knees barely changes, but I think that has a lot to do with the skin on my knees being darker, which makes the stretch marks stand out more!
I also recently purchased a derma roller (cheap around $14 on ebay) which is supposed to help the product reach deeper into the skin. So we'll see how that goes. Overall I think everyone should give the shea butter and coconut oil a try! Its cheap and youve got nothing to lose. Good luck ladies! :)

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I'm just like you.these because the bones and skin does n't grow together in the same time(a doctor said) there is a product from nivea company that can help you.

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