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E in Texas

I started getting abscesses in the summer of 2010 which was a couple of months after I got laid off my job of 10 years. I was getting them back to back and they were huge and painful! When I got my first one on my butt I thought i had gotten bit by spider! I had to go to the ER to have it lanced. they gave me two shots and sent me home with antibiodics. I thought that would be the end of it, but; as soon as that one healed came another one. I became worried and stressed. After going thru three of them at this point it was evident that I was going to continue getting them. If it wasn't for my boyfriend I would not have made it thru this time because he really took care of me. They really made me sick with fever and severe pain and would have to go to the ER evertime because I had no insurance at this time. I started researching them and found different message boards and tried just about everthing I saw that different people has posted. I came across a post that said use Ichthammol Ointment. It is a black tar like ointment that draws out the abscess. I went to my local Walgreens and asked the clerk for it. It cost about $12.00 bucks. A new one was just starting up. I got a large bandade, squirted the cream on that bandade and covered the small area that was sore and painful already. It was just a small painful bump at this point. I changed it once in that same day with a new bandade with the ointment on it. To make a long story short, by the second day the bump had come to a head and burst. What was in it drained out and it began to heal. The pain was releave immediately! I was so amazed and happy! I continued to get about three more after that continuing to cover them at the onset with a large bandade filled with the ointment until it came to a head. I eventually stopped getting them and I would attribute it to stopping them before they could get started. I have not had another one since 2010. I encourage everyone to try this! It worked for me. Also make sure you keep the area clean and change it at least twice a day and leave it on at night as well. Good luck to all for this was my remedy that worked!

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Does it burn or anything when it's first applied?


Mine is burning a little. This is the 3rd day and I see that it is changing with a little white tip at the top. Still do not know if it will work.

Hector Pineda

Try to find 20\\%. Works much better than 10\\%.


I've been using ichthammol for years. It never disappoints. It works on cysts, boils, splenters, etc. I use cvs brand or prids.




I haven't had many boils in my life but when I had one on my back my grandmother got me a tube of this, put a glob on a bandaid, covered the boil with it and left it for a week. The boil just reabsorbed into my body and it never bothered me.

This is a very old remedy that really works!


In the Caribbean we have an ointment we call black ointment that we use for the same purpose. I've been getting abscesses on and off for the past few years, still no idea what causes them. The one I'm currently dealing with had been bothering me for a few days but I was hoping enough pus would build up that I could squeeze it but it was so painful to the touch I could barely walk and it felt like it was growing. Last night I got desperate and looked for a bottle of glycerin I had forever and I rubbed it all.over the area and left a piece of.cotton soaked in it on the most painful section. This morning when I got up, most of the pus had come to the surface and by the team I got out of bed and moved around a bit, it burst and started draining on its own and the pain went away almost immediately, so maybe that could be an option


Ichthammol is amazing I've had a boil for like a week I went and got some of this yesterday and put it on last night and by this morning I was able to sit it just worked wonders I am so happy! I was only able to find the 10\\% but it still works like a charm


I have been suffering with boils all of my life. They are very painful! My husband is a Farrier and he uses epsomsalt soaking and ichthammol ointment to draw abscesses out of horses feet. A boil is an abscess so I started using the ichthammol on my boils and it does work! I soak in a bath of hot water with epsoms salt ( a drawing agent), then pat the area dry, then apply ichthammol to a large bandage and apply it to the boil. I do this twice a day. With in a day or so it comes to a head and starts draining. I keep the area clean and bandaged until completely drained. If I start this process as soon as I feel a boil festering it clears up within a day! Ichthammol ointment can be purchased at horse/farrier supply stores in larger quantities and for a cheaper price.


I got blisters on my face an head. It looks like chemical blisters iam useing the pride salve. But hasnt worked yet is there somthing ele a e i can use

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