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E in Texas

I started getting abscesses in the summer of 2010 which was a couple of months after I got laid off my job of 10 years. I was getting them back to back and they were huge and painful! When I got my first one on my butt I thought i had gotten bit by spider! I had to go to the ER to have it lanced. they gave me two shots and sent me home with antibiodics. I thought that would be the end of it, but; as soon as that one healed came another one. I became worried and stressed. After going thru three of them at this point it was evident that I was going to continue getting them. If it wasn't for my boyfriend I would not have made it thru this time because he really took care of me. They really made me sick with fever and severe pain and would have to go to the ER evertime because I had no insurance at this time. I started researching them and found different message boards and tried just about everthing I saw that different people has posted. I came across a post that said use Ichthammol Ointment. It is a black tar like ointment that draws out the abscess. I went to my local Walgreens and asked the clerk for it. It cost about $12.00 bucks. A new one was just starting up. I got a large bandade, squirted the cream on that bandade and covered the small area that was sore and painful already. It was just a small painful bump at this point. I changed it once in that same day with a new bandade with the ointment on it. To make a long story short, by the second day the bump had come to a head and burst. What was in it drained out and it began to heal. The pain was releave immediately! I was so amazed and happy! I continued to get about three more after that continuing to cover them at the onset with a large bandade filled with the ointment until it came to a head. I eventually stopped getting them and I would attribute it to stopping them before they could get started. I have not had another one since 2010. I encourage everyone to try this! It worked for me. Also make sure you keep the area clean and change it at least twice a day and leave it on at night as well. Good luck to all for this was my remedy that worked!

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Just bought and applied. Praying this works. On my second round of antibiotics, one urgent care and one emergency room visit with no action taken. Had appoint to see general surgeon today and she had to cancel due to surgery!!! At my wits end. Praying this ointment works as well as everyone says, had this abscess over 3 weeks!


My Mom got this from my Grandmother and used on me when I was a child. I had boiled all over and this stuff worked!


I am 14 years old and I have had that many abscesses. I have read your article twice. Once last year and this year. I get an abscess like every year over the summer. I am going to Walgreens and getting that ointment. I hope it works for breast abscesses.
*fingers crossed*


It works against a certain class of bacteria, either gram negative or gram positive. It is effective against MRSA.


I have been having this problem for about 5 years. I've been to the er to get them lanced and drained several times. Talking to my mother I found out she always got them. Then I found out that a lot if people in my fam gets these boils. Painful....ohh so painful. I rrarely get sick, never had the flu...nothing. My mother told me I get boils because my body needs ti release and that's how my sickness is manifested. I do use the drawing salve ,ichthamol, and it does work. . I promise you. Best thing ever!!

Ms. Kitty in Texas

Has been said if you ever get one of those Boils then you will continue to get them periodically. You need to be VERY Careful and Sanitary with them...for the infection is very contagious. They can very easily turn into Staph!!!! Not saying any of you are Illegal Drug users, but they are common amongst users!! Institutions such as Jails have a wide spread also!I use to work in a Pharmacy and not many carry the Black Salve but they can order it for you on they're Drug Order and will come in at approx. 2 - 4 days...just fill out a form so they can call you when it arrives (non-prescription item).Here in Texas its only $5-$10 last I checked. If you have a Super One Store (Brookshires) I have seen it on they're Shelves in Med Dept. Boil-Eze is very good also...same thing but has Benzocaine added for the pain ;) and much easier to find on shelf...same price range! Good Luck! SANITIZE!!!

Robin in Balch Springs TX

The black Tar does work. So does a slice of raw onion. It draws it out and is far less expensive. Just use adhesive tape or a large bandaid to tape a slice of onion on the boil. I had a boil at the top of my crack. Used the slice of onion and within a day it burst and dried up.

Kathy D.

Searched high and wide for Ichthammol ointment to treat a spider bite on my neck. It pulls out all the poison and infection. I was told it was no longer available except for horses! Went to our local Farmers Co-op and bought a 16 oz tub for less than $20. That's enough for me and my whole family for a lifetime! So glad I could still get it!


That is the same cream we used in Germany when I was a draws out any infection. I even used it for ingrown toenail. It works like a champ.


I had a tube of ichthammol that was 50 years old and used it to get rid of boils. When i learned that they still sell the ointment i figured it was time to get a new tube. I find the new product takes days to work and not always successflly.

Have the ingrediants changed?

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