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I have started to have really nasty vaginal odor for the past three or four years. I am a virgin, so I know it had nothing to do with sex. Doctor said it wasn't because of any type of infection, that I would just have to live with it. That wasn't an option for me. After being online for over an hour, I found this:
5 or 6 drops of pure tea tree oil, and a half cup of Epsom salt. Pour it into a bath, and have a nice soak. Don't rub it in or anything, just let it sit for about thirty minutes. Then, you can wash up regularly (no vaginal soap for this day) and continue about your day. After a few baths, the odor is gone! I prefer to have a soak with JUST the tea tree oil about once or twice a month, to keep clean. But, the Epsom salt makes your skin soft and relaxes you, too!

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How many times did you do this a week when you started ? and how long till it started working ?


I can't wait to try this! I hate having odor, especially because I work out so much :/


I tried a hot bath with a teaspoon of tea tree oil and soaked until the watervwas cool and started femdophilus and the problem is gone.


I have vaginal odor I would say about 1x every 18 months to every 2 years. My doctor told me when I had this the first time about 6 years ago to NEVER use body wash of any kind, no bar soaps, no feminine wipes, no vaginal soap, NOTHING! The BEST thing is BABY WASH/SOAP!!! The other things are acidopholis and cranberry pills. They really help from the inside out! No baths no thong underwear! If its really bad then a doctor is needed but most of the time this CAN be fixed and/or prevented at home!


Where can you purchase tree tee oil? Thank you


To all woman with odor that have not been diagnosed with an might have CELIAC DISEASE. YOU SHOULD PRACTICE A GLUTEN FREE DIET. NO WHEAT, RYE, or BARLEY. Take multivitamins! The smell should go away almost immediately

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