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my 8 yr old recently returned from a holiday with 4 ringworms. My immediate action was to purchase anti fungal creams from the pharmacy, however 3 creams and a week later not only did they become more aggressive but another appeared. I new that sulphur destroyed fungas so i dipped a match head in the anti fungal cream and 'coloured' the ringworms pink (the pink being derived from the match head mixed with the cream). I gave them time to dry out then covered them with band aids and the next morning the ring worms were 90% gone...i repeated this idea 3 times in a 24 hour period and they were completely gone. As advised by the pharmacist ive continued to apply the antifungal cream to the area for 2 weeks to insure the infection completely heels. Now i understand this may sound unusual and i advise anybody to seek professional advice but should that fail this is an option :))

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So are you saying just to buy a box of matches?... I'm amazed.

Janelle LPN

Tried this with the Lamisil cream & match and worked wonderfully. Kept it up for a few days to make sure it was gone. Thank you very much!!


yep just a box of matches!!!

really glad you found this useful, i wish it had popped into my head before i practically bought shares in the pharmacy but all is well that ends when and was just happy it worked. I wasnt prepared to try bleaches ect on an 8 yr old but if it had been my own skin i think id have tried anything.


Im just trying this out now as i have two small patches on my chest and one bigger patch appearing, do the have some oozing out of them as one of my mine has started to!?


there wasnt any oozing...sometimes ringworm is a mistaken diagnoses, phsorosis and eczma can be similar in appearance and symptoms. could the oozing be related to scratching? i would sprinkle some powder over the one that is oozing to dry it out as the fungas thrives in dampness...make sure it doesnt contain corn starch as it feeds fungas. i would leave powder on for 30 mins and then use my method and use a hair dryer to dry it out...dont advise you use a bandaid if it is oozing as keeping it dry is a key factor...hope this helps, take care


So your saying just dip a match in the ani fungal cream so that the red mixes in, and then put it on the area? I had one on my stomic and one on my chin and have been cleaning them and applying cream but it doesn't work and more are starting to show up around them. I need all the help I can get. The one on my chin is the worst and very embarasing.


Tried this and it didn't work. I even made a powder with the match heads, left it overnight, and it looks the same.
Maybe that last medicine was the right one for the child and that's why it worked?
I had a lot of hopes for this, what a shame it didn't work for me.

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