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my 8 yr old recently returned from a holiday with 4 ringworms. My immediate action was to purchase anti fungal creams from the pharmacy, however 3 creams and a week later not only did they become more aggressive but another appeared. I new that sulphur destroyed fungas so i dipped a match head in the anti fungal cream and 'coloured' the ringworms pink (the pink being derived from the match head mixed with the cream). I gave them time to dry out then covered them with band aids and the next morning the ring worms were 90% gone...i repeated this idea 3 times in a 24 hour period and they were completely gone. As advised by the pharmacist ive continued to apply the antifungal cream to the area for 2 weeks to insure the infection completely heels. Now i understand this may sound unusual and i advise anybody to seek professional advice but should that fail this is an option :))

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this works thank you :i


glad to help :)


When you say you dipped the match ... Did you burn it first ? Could you elaborate a little more please


no it was the actual redhead i dipped in the cream and then coloured the ringworms with it, so the cream took on a pink appearance as the red off the matchead mixed with it...i then allowed that to dry for about 4 minutes then covered with a bandaid...there was no skin irritation but it did relieve the itch...hope this is more helpful


Wow... What a great idea... Now I do have the sulfur dip, but it is really stinky.... I love this idea!!!!


it doesnt have an ideal smell thats for sure but it worked wonders, i had spent a small fortune on creams that just werent helping and didnt want to use anything on her young skin that would cause discomfort so this was what i came up with...hope it works as well for you :))

An_desperate mom

I'm trying this tonight on my 10yr old son. He's been having ringworm for more than two weeks now. I've been putting different antifungal creams together with some of the remedies mentioned in this site. The tea tree oil seems to help a lot, but he is getting new ones in the body. the vinegar with salt gave him a rash almost immediately, but the vinegar does help too. The 'sanafitil' also helps to dry them out, but not to get rid of them. So I'm going to try this now. I hope this one works as you mentioned here. I got to say some of the ringworms are disappearing but others small are also appearing in other areas. I don't know what else to do!


hope it works as well for your son, its very frustrating...i found that clothing rubbing against them was making them spread thats why i used bandaids, also it eliminates the scratching. Best of luck with it i hope your son heals fast :))


What kind of cream was used?


clozole cream which is an anti
fungle cream...the active ingredient is

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