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I have recently been experiencing very bad and sometimes unbearable pain from a toothache. I have not been able obtain any medical or dental coverage due to a lack of employment. Anywho, I have found a couple remedies that I tried and have seemed to work. The first was that I took a cotton ball and dipped it in Anbesol liquid, then I putted soaked cotton ball into the hole of my right upper molar which is broken and it sucks. The next thing I did was take some tobacco from a cigarette and applied it to the area where the pain was coming from. Within a few minutes the horrible pain that I was experiencing had actually begin to subside. There is still some pain but it is a whole lot more tolerable than before the remedies where tried. So I hope this helps some one who really needs it. Good Luck!

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Thanks for your suggestion with the Abesol+Qtips+Aspirin. I followed your description and the throbbing headache, sharp pain in my left eye, and ear pain has subsided. It seems to have relieved the pain for now. The procedure worked for me.

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