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Hello fellow sufferers,

I was diagnosed with GH October last year. The ulcers appeared around my perianal area. It was my first outbreak that lasted for at least 4 weeks. My question is to ALL of you & I do hope to get some replies, do you experience pain in the thigh area down to leg especially sole of the leg? I experience that & its always the left leg.

Anyway, thank God I don't have recurrences after my first out break last October. I stick to healthy diet, supplements, & exercise:

Healthy Diet:
Strictly NO COFFEE at all, and I mean it. Not even a sip. Coffee contains high amount of arginine which feeds the herpes virus. I have been abstaining coffee for months, but yesterday just had a few sips and today I already feel the prodromes are coming, so I double my supplements.

2) Strictly no PEANUTS
3) Strictly no Chocolates
4) Strictly no added sugar/sugary stuff

All these are trigger foods


We have to boost our immunity. I take these

1) Multivitamins & minerals 2 times a day
2) B Complex plus Folic Acid, Zinc, Vit. E - 2 times a day
3) Vitamin C 500 mg - 6 times a day
4) Olive Leaf Extract Liquid - 5 ml 3 times a day
5) Beta Glucan - 400 mg Once a day on empty stomach.

I used to take Lysine but during medical check up it shows my urine has a lot of protein deposits from lysine. Apparently lysine supplements (not those naturally occurring in foods) can damage your kidney filtration system. So I stopped taking it.

I try to worry less, trust in God & His providence. I exercise 30 mins a day. Any form of exercise that makes you sweat is good.

So far I never had any recurrences which people say most will get it, except nerve pain in my left leg after I had a few sips of coffee yesterday. So no more coffee for me.

All the best and pls answer my question. TQ

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Everyone's triggers are different. For me, I go years without an outbreak, and then I'll have two inside of a month during really stressful times. I find when I'm super stressed and not getting adequate sleep is when this happens.

I can eat chocolate, drink coffee, etc, with no problem. I took Valtrex for a long time but the stopped when I lost my health insurance, but then I didn't have outbreaks for years so I never bothered to go back on.

But I also get the pain down into my legs. That I guess is pretty common.


hi Olive oil extract where you can get from . Please tell us


yes, I also have that same radiating pain. Herpes attacks the nerves -- that's why it is sooo painful. It's the same virus that causes shingles and all the pain that comes with it.

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