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Hello fellow sufferers,

I was diagnosed with GH October last year. The ulcers appeared around my perianal area. It was my first outbreak that lasted for at least 4 weeks. My question is to ALL of you & I do hope to get some replies, do you experience pain in the thigh area down to leg especially sole of the leg? I experience that & its always the left leg.

Anyway, thank God I don't have recurrences after my first out break last October. I stick to healthy diet, supplements, & exercise:

Healthy Diet:
Strictly NO COFFEE at all, and I mean it. Not even a sip. Coffee contains high amount of arginine which feeds the herpes virus. I have been abstaining coffee for months, but yesterday just had a few sips and today I already feel the prodromes are coming, so I double my supplements.

2) Strictly no PEANUTS
3) Strictly no Chocolates
4) Strictly no added sugar/sugary stuff

All these are trigger foods


We have to boost our immunity. I take these

1) Multivitamins & minerals 2 times a day
2) B Complex plus Folic Acid, Zinc, Vit. E - 2 times a day
3) Vitamin C 500 mg - 6 times a day
4) Olive Leaf Extract Liquid - 5 ml 3 times a day
5) Beta Glucan - 400 mg Once a day on empty stomach.

I used to take Lysine but during medical check up it shows my urine has a lot of protein deposits from lysine. Apparently lysine supplements (not those naturally occurring in foods) can damage your kidney filtration system. So I stopped taking it.

I try to worry less, trust in God & His providence. I exercise 30 mins a day. Any form of exercise that makes you sweat is good.

So far I never had any recurrences which people say most will get it, except nerve pain in my left leg after I had a few sips of coffee yesterday. So no more coffee for me.

All the best and pls answer my question. TQ

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Oh man. I suspect I have it, but testing came back negative. I started trying to supplement my diet, but the no coffee thing sounds terrible! I need to retest soon. Just to make sure. I just can't figure out what else it may be. My doctor's appointment is in another 8 days....


Hi anchor, I wish u all the best, do keep us posted if its herpes!

Stay healthy & be safe,


I get the nerve pain as well it runs down my glutes into my legs. Almost feels as if I had done a bunch of squats. Its common and normal.


Just sitting here drinking my coffee, trying to work out whether I have what I suspect :( Yep, also get the left leg pain. This is one of those things that could never happen to me, but damn, better get checked out I guess.


Yes it's confirmed trigger foods r the main cause of my recurrent herpes, guess what ppl? I told u abt the nerve pain that goes down to my heel, yes it's a sign of herpes recurrent attacks, the body is giving me signal telling that the viruses are about to surface...and 2 days ago ONE small lesion appeared, painless non itchy, doctor confirmed it's herpes....despite my high supplements JUST BECAUSE OF ONE SIP OF COFFEE, the viruses r now DANCING on my penis!

Thank u to those who replied me abt the pain in the leg, it's herpes telltale, I also had burning sensation while urinate..that shows the herpes viruses has attacked the urethra!

So guys no trigger food: coffee, chocolates, soy, all things rich in arginine like all NUTS especially peanuts, corns, coffee, whole meal bread, brown rice, no acidic food as well like oranges, pineapple, tomatoes, my doctor said these r.trigger.foods...
I had a sip of coffee, an orange and the next few days HERPES! yikes....keep in touch guys..I will!


hi there, i am have the same problem with the pains in my legs usually just the right leg and it's always tender to the touch even putting on my paints hurts. I didn't know that was what it was caused from and have wondered about it, so thanks for that. I also had an outbreak on the same leg on the inside of my thigh that left a horrible scare, and i went to the doctor on it and was told it wasn't an outbreak. I did further reasearch on it and in some cases it does occur on the inner thigh, i'm thinking this is where the pain comes from.


Since the 1st outbreak I have had reoccurring outbreaks every 6 months to the day. And have always had the pain from my inner right thie to my heal. Up until now have I even considered going the natural route (I don't know what took so long). I'm going to try all the vitamins suggested or Atleast a lot of them, and let you know how it goes. Gonna try the no coffee thing wish me luck this is gonna be tough. Stay strong people!


I drink coffee every day and it doesn't cause outbreaks for me. I've been using bee propolis for about two years and I'm very happy with it. Blister dries up in two days and redness heals Rickover in another 2-4 days.


I drink coffee every day and it doesn't cause outbreaks for me. I've been using bee propolis for about two years and I'm very happy with it. Blister dries up in two days and redness heals over in another 2-4 days.


Does drinking alcohol create issues?

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